Thorough Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Includes: Sanitizing Counters and Sink, Mopping Floors, Wiping Down Exterior of Major Appliances and Cabinets 
  • Clean Team 2 Recommends: Weekly Cleaning

Delivering a Clean Unlike Any Other

Clean Team 2 is prepared to tackle every room in your home, and the kitchen may be one of the toughest of them all. This space gets plenty of use, and that frequent use can certainly shows. Cooking, eating, foot traffic—they all lead to dirt and buildup. Our professional team has the proven processes to deliver exceptional results you can both see and feel.

When we tackle your kitchen, you’ll benefit from deep-clean cleaning services that detail your space from top to bottom.

Our kitchen cleaning team will:
  • Dust and wipe your countertops and eliminate crumbs
  • Clean cooktops
  • Clean inside and outside your microwave
  • Polish the exterior of your appliances
  • Wipe away any fingerprints or smudges
  • Shine faucets and cabinet hardware
  • Vacuum and clean floors

Our thorough kitchen cleaning services also include interior refrigerator cleaning, interior cabinet cleaning, and interior oven cleaning.

Let Life Shine Through

“A clean house does me more good than an hour with a psychiatrist.”
Ms. Henderson

Reclaim Your Time & Leave the Cleaning to Us

Busy schedules and hectic lives can get in the way of maintaining a regular cleaning schedule in your home. The kitchen requires regular cleaning that you simply might not have the time for. While you might be able to tackle the dirty dishes after dinner, you might struggle to accomplish more intensive kitchen cleaning tasks. For example, you might not have time to thoroughly clean your cooktop and oven, eliminating stains and buildup of food particles. Perhaps your stainless-steel appliances lack the shine they once had and are smudged with fingerprints. Your cabinets might even have a thin layer of grime on them and you just can’t keep up with regular dusting.

Rather than simply accepting that a spotless kitchen isn’t achievable, you can enlist Clean Team 2 to help create that sparkling clean kitchen of your dreams. Our professional team understands that you simply might not have the time to deep clean your kitchen every week—or even every month. By having Clean Team 2 take over kitchen cleaning duties, you’ll free up some time and enjoy serious relief knowing that you will come home from work to a freshly cleaned kitchen.

Customizable Kitchen Cleans

The kitchen attracts a crowd, and, with it, crumbs, dirt, and other buildup. Regularly cleaning your kitchen is essential to keep it looking its best. Clean Teams’ kitchen-cleaning services are perfect for busy families who desire a well-cared-for home but struggle with regular cleaning. Enlist our help by signing up for our routine cleaning. We’ll put you on a regular schedule so that your kitchen is always freshly cleaned. We can come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly—just choose the option that works best for your household.

Contact your Clean Team 2 today at 609 576-0351 or 609 576 9548 to learn more about our residential kitchen cleaning services. Soon, you can enjoy a spotless kitchen without the hassle and stress of having to clean it.